Atanas Karadechev


Atanas Karadechev was born in Smilyan, Bulgaria in 1955. He has a wife and three children.

He studied at Kazanlak's School of Plastic Arts and Design and then graduated from “Saints Cyril and Methodius” University in Veliko Tarnovo, specializing in Sculpture. He paints with watercolor and oils. Still, the essence of his work lies with the small bronze sculpture. Having studied this form of art for more than 20 years, the bronze casting proves to be his best way of artistic expre­ssion yet. Atanas is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. He has been teaching Sculpture at the National School of Stage and Film Design since 1991.

In 1998, Atanas created a monument in collaboration with “Shalom”, the Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria, in memory of the Bulgarian Jews saved during World War II. Since 1998, Atanas has created 7 monuments, 4 reliefs and bas reliefs. Some of the notable ones are the bayonet-monument in honor of Colonel Boris Drangov and the bronze plate with Saints Cyril and Metho­dius at the Bulgarian Embassy in Bern, Switzerland.

Artist Statement

Words are not my strong suite. I find it easier to express myself and my thoughts in clay, bronze and other materials. I can be open only through the three-dimensional image. Fine art leverages the magic of color and the illusion of perspective to help the viewer. Sculpture is different as its most powerful expression is the author's skill.

— Atanas Karadechev